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DDOS Attack Updates

We are aware of and doing what we can to fight a never ending string of DDOS Attacks that have been ongoing for the past few weeks, The websites security has been enabled while we moitor the attacks and their effect on our services.

Towoxic Dev#4200

March, 31 Backend Updates

I have pushed a few backend updates that should help enhance the user experience. Including Default Theme updates, DMCA Badge Updates and more.

Towoxic Dev#4200

Minor Bug Updates

We are aware of and working on a few minor bug fixes with the website and will be rolling out patches over the next few weeks.!

Towoxic Dev#4200

Site Updated

The site has got some massive new updates, be sure to check out the new tags and the 12 Hour Voting! Also new Premium Prices!

Maxim K#2090

Giveaway Update

Once we hit 800 Members we will be hosting a huge giveaway, Join our discord for info!

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Towoxic Dev#4200


QR It#9027

Prefix: qr

This is a general development tool bot that developers can use to improve their speed and workflow...

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Moderation Fun Utility


409859533691813889 CedarBlocks#0725

Information BOT

Approved 173 days ago

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Discord Library status Uptime

Command Results Permissions
help Gives a list of commands None
help [command] Gives info on a specific command None
npm Search for a NPM package None
shortlink [link] Shorten a link None
hastebin [text/code] sends all the provided text/code to an online document None
code [link] Generates a QR code None
decode [Attach/upload QR code] decodes the uploaded QR code, Must be PNG, JPG, JPEG or GIF None
sinvite generates an invite link and qr code for you're server/guild None
binvite generates an invite link and qr code for this bot None
qrsupport generates an invite link and qr code the bots official support server None
suggest users can send suggestions to the bot dev or ask for new features None
report users can send a bug report to the bot dev None
news tells you the latest news and updated features for this bot None
stats sends basic information about the bot, uptime, users, servers, version etc None
ping shows you the Bot and API ping None
vote you can suppot this bot by voting for it None
reboot restarts the bot Bot Owner
reload [command] reloads specified command Bot Owner
qreval [code] command for testing code and scripts Bot Owner

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