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March, 31 Backend Updates

I have pushed a few backend updates that should help enhance the user experience. Including Default Theme updates, DMCA Badge Updates and more.

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Minor Bug Updates

We are aware of and working on a few minor bug fixes with the website and will be rolling out patches over the next few weeks.!

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Site Updated

The site has got some massive new updates, be sure to check out the new tags and the 12 Hour Voting! Also new Premium Prices!

Maxim K#2090

Giveaway Update

Once we hit 800 Members we will be hosting a huge giveaway, Join our discord for info!

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EternalGaius is a Multiuse bot that can be use on Moderation and more!

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Moderation Fun Utility Logging


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Are you tired of configuring bots with serval commands? Are you tired of your members getting inactive and bored? No worries, EternalGaius has got you covered. EternalGaius provides you with a loaf of fun commands and moderation commands! Below is the list of cool features this bot provides and how much fun you can have. As it takes is a few clicks and very soon you will have a fun awesome bot in your server. Prefix: - (Currently Not Customizable) Language: English

We offer tons of command for YOUR discord server member to enjoy! Here are some features that we offer:

○ Moderation Commands - We offer a lot of Moderation commands..

○ Clean Help Menu - We offer a clean help menu unlike many other bots

○ Fun Commands - We offer tons of fun commands including some meme commands!

○ Logging - We offer logging system for free! We offer the following logging! "Channel Created", "Channel Deleted", "Role Created", "Role Deleted", "Members Unbanned!" More coming soon.

○ EternalGaius Plus - We offer a premium version of EternalGaius so you can unlock more features!

○ Beta - We offer Beta's of EternalGaius! All you have to do is to do -participate to participate in the beta.

○ Easy Configuration - We offer a command that shows you how to config stuff! So you dont have to use google to search how!

So what are you waiting for? Invite EternalGaius to your server now, to enjoy the features we offer.

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