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Hi all, Our Dev Team are working hard to bring Version 4 out! ❤

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Prefix: b!

Blip is a multipurpose Discord Bot that has all features such as level system, Moderation Commands and More!

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Long Description

Blip is a multipurpose discord bot that contains all the features a user would need!

Blip currently Has:

-Music commands(all are free)

-Moderation commands

-Leveling system

-Memes command


-fun commands such as howgay it increases when you swear

Blip is fully customizable!

You can change the prefix, make a levelup message and even the welcome and leave logging messages by commands.

Blip is still in development is being worked on and I'm trying to get it as many servers as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Invite Blip now!

Click here to join the official server. Click here to invite the bot to your server.

Bot developed By Agent_Mighty#0001

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