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Hi all, Our Dev Team are working hard to bring Version 4 out! ❤

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TTS (Text to Speech) Bot . Multiple Languages Supported

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Long Description

A TTS ( text to speech) bot. Over 100+ Languages Supported.

TTS voices that are supported are :-

Afrikaans Albanian Armenian Bengali Bosnian Catalian Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Tagalog Finnish Esperanto Estonian English Arabic Hindi French German Greek Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Japanese Javanese Khmer Korean Latin Latvian Macedonian) Malayalam Marathi Burmese Nepali Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovenian Slovak Spanish Sundanese Swahali Swedish Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Welsh

All Available Commands :- ,say — plays a tts message in voice chat ,aeiou — plays a aeiou based tts message in voice channel ,help — display the bot help menu ,langs — displays the full list of all supported languages ,lang <langs_code> — set your desired language as default ,speed <1 to 100> — set the tts speed between 1 to 100 ,stop — stops the currently playing audio & leaves the voice channel

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Review LACKY#2284

best tts bot ever. recommended to use it.love the bot. thanks dev for creat such a great bot

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