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March, 31 Backend Updates

I have pushed a few backend updates that should help enhance the user experience. Including Default Theme updates, DMCA Badge Updates and more.

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Minor Bug Updates

We are aware of and working on a few minor bug fixes with the website and will be rolling out patches over the next few weeks.!

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Site Updated

The site has got some massive new updates, be sure to check out the new tags and the 12 Hour Voting! Also new Premium Prices!

Maxim K#2090

Giveaway Update

Once we hit 800 Members we will be hosting a huge giveaway, Join our discord for info!

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Prefix: >

Music bot. React based control. YouTube , SoundCloud, Spotify Links supported

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Fun Utility Music


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Information BOT

Approved 175 days ago

Long Description

Deejay Bot (Mr. DJ)

A multifunctional music bot for discord. It has a wide range of commands for better music experience. You can also control the bot using react emoji.

Prefix > or @botmention (@Deejay#2424), (custom prefix soon)

Supported Streams SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify (soon)

Reaction Controls 1)⏯️ For pause and play a song.

2)⏭️ For skip the playing song / playing next track.

3)🔼 For volume up.

4)🔽 For volume down.

5)🔇 For mute and unmute the volume

6)🔁 For loop queue.

7)🔀 For shuffle the queue. 8)⏹️ For stop the queue.

Music Commands play, queueloop , lyrics , nowplaying, pause, playlist , queue, remove , resume , search, shuffle , skip, skipto, stop, volume, mute, unmute

Extra Commad help, invite, ping, support, upvote,

More commands coming soon,

Bot Reviews

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Positive Review

Review The Boring Guy#8471

this bot is powerful. i love 💖 it

2 👍 0 👎

Added 157 days ago

Positive Review

Review MadOllie#0003

I tried the bot for a few days and I liked it, I recommend it.

1 👍 0 👎

Added 158 days ago

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