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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936

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Published: 12/11/2021

Author: Toxic Dev#5936

Deleted User b72caec5

Deleted User b72caec5#0289

Prefix: =

Vibeon is an easy to use Multi Purpose Bot & there's also Music!

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62 Servers 1 Shards 0 Votes Library: discord.js


Fun Among Us Multi Music


201295445547417601 Deleted User b4938ada#0261

Information BOT

Approved 453 days ago

Long Description

Why use Vibeon?

=help for a list of available commands!

=help <command> for an indepth information about the commands

Vibeon Features

Moderation Commands - Ban, kick, mute & more
Music Commands - Play, Search, Skip & more
Fun Commands - Meme, Banner, Franxx & more
Info Commands - Serverinfo, Userinfo, Avatar & more
Interactive Commands - Kiss, Slap, Hug & more
Game Commands - Amongus, Genshin Impact


If there's any issues or concerns you have, you can always dm me on discord TheLividaProject#4397 or join our support server, here!

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