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Hi all, Our Dev Team are working hard to bring Version 4 out! ❤

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Lambda λ

Lambda λ#3006

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A Fun Bot which has many commands. It provides you with some Common commands. Some Fun and most important MUSIC !!

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Long Description


Lambda λ is a Fun and Music bot. It provides you with some Common commands Some Fun and most important MUSIC !! 😄 If you have any confusion about the bot, Contact me for help, bugs and suggestions

You can play some games like count, trivia, rps, etc

The Commands till now are in these categories :

  • Commons
  • Games
  • Info
  • Music
  • Fun
  • Images
  • Utiliy
  • More Coming soon

Just invite it and type >help. simple!

and also suggest me some fun commands and I'll make it for you

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