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Hi all, Our Dev Team are working hard to bring Version 4 out! ❤

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ATN Bot#7047

Prefix: e!

ATN Bot is a multipurpose bot made for your server!

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49 Servers 1 Shards 148 Votes Library: Eris




489031280147693568 Lonely Eight∞💔#8888

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Approved 318 days ago

Long Description

ATN Bot is a multipurpose english bot made to help servers that want a easy to use but useful bot! Type "e!help" to get every single command in the bot! And if you're having troubles, join the support server! If you think that you like this bot and want to support it for free, make sure to vote for us! Every support is appreciated! The bot is at the start so there'll be a lot of updates in the future!

Bot Reviews

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Positive Review

Review Meowi#4343

I love this bot so much ;), I know it has hardwork on it so im gonna give 10000000000/5 stars (Sad i can't pick more stars) this bot is amazing btw! And it has a lot of commands too!

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Added 123 days ago

Replying to Meowi#4343

Review ATN Bot#7047

Sorry for late reply but thank you so much for the review! <3

Replied 117 days ago

Positive Review

Review Jabolo#1010

Really interesting bot. Awesome support server and a lot of updated commands. This bot is a must have.

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Added 123 days ago

Replying to Jabolo#1010

Review ATN Bot#7047

Thanks for the review! <3

Replied 123 days ago