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Infinity Bot List

Find a bot pack for a quick kick-start to your server!

Made By Jugo#6763

Build Community

Best selected bots to build your community server!

Moderation, Multi, Logging, Co...

Includes 2 Bots

14 Votes

Made By Nihal#0340

Economy and Games Bots

Bots to ensure your server members never get bored and prevents dead chats!

Fun, Social, Economy, Reddit

Includes 3 Bots

5 Votes

Made By kieran#0101


A huge selection of UtiliBots' finest! (Some of my favourites at least)


Includes 3 Bots

3 Votes

Made By 772082329866862604


A simple set of robots that will help you build your own Discord server .

Moderation, Fun, Dashboard

Includes 2 Bots

3 Votes

Made By 602140733985652759

Snuff's Bots

Each bot is different from the other and useful in its functions!

Moderation, Utility, Music, Lo...

Includes 0 Bots

2 Votes

Made By Maxim K#2090

Best Giveaway Bots!

This List Has All The Best Giveaway Bots On Infinity Bot List, All The Bots Do Include Some Great Features Which Make Them All Unique!

Fun, Utility, Multi, Giveaway,...

Includes 2 Bots

2 Votes

Made By Harley200317...#8131

Seasons Bots

All of these bots are based upon a set time of the year like Easter, Halloween and Christmas

Fun, Social

Includes 3 Bots

2 Votes

Made By 482957218980036618


This pack is the top multi purpose bots listed on Infinity bot list. The pack has been created by 4D#9999

Moderation, Fun, Social, Utili...

Includes 2 Bots

1 Votes

Made By 606279329844035594

Pog bots

These bots are poggers like megaaaaaaaa poggers bro use them to be poggers as well


Includes 3 Bots

1 Votes

Made By 792919303862747146

Top Bots for your server

This will help your server! And moderates and fun bots

Moderation, Fun, Utility, Mult...

Includes 1 Bots

1 Votes

Made By BrydenIsNotSmar...#1209

Bump Bot Package

This package is all of the bump bots on this server list. To advertise your server with! One more coming soon. (Mine because it's not approved yet.)


Includes 4 Bots

1 Votes

Made By Charan#8508


This is advanced moderation bot that can be added to your own discord server.It has many features coming soon. all function now works fine

Auto-Mod, Moderation, Fun, For...

Includes 3 Bots

1 Votes