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DDOS Attack Updates

We are aware of and doing what we can to fight a never ending string of DDOS Attacks that have been ongoing for the past few weeks, The websites security has been enabled while we moitor the attacks and their effect on our services.

Towoxic Dev#4200

March, 31 Backend Updates

I have pushed a few backend updates that should help enhance the user experience. Including Default Theme updates, DMCA Badge Updates and more.

Towoxic Dev#4200

Minor Bug Updates

We are aware of and working on a few minor bug fixes with the website and will be rolling out patches over the next few weeks.!

Towoxic Dev#4200

Site Updated

The site has got some massive new updates, be sure to check out the new tags and the 12 Hour Voting! Also new Premium Prices!

Maxim K#2090

Giveaway Update

Once we hit 800 Members we will be hosting a huge giveaway, Join our discord for info!

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Towoxic Dev#4200

Infinity Bot List

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N/A Servers
176 Votes
61 Invites

The best bot Among Us utility bot. Keeps track of game room codes and prevents in-game talking.

Fun, Social, Among Us, Utility



N/A Servers
158 Votes
1 Invites

Among Us Statistics, leaderboards, trophies, graphs, api, FUN commands like eject/kill/button!

Fun, Among Us, Dashboard, Utility



N/A Servers
6 Votes
2 Invites

A Multi-Purpose discord bot with Moderation,Music and Fun commands

Fun, Among Us, Music, Leveling



62 Servers
0 Votes
0 Invites

Vibeon is an easy to use Multi Purpose Bot & there's also Music!

Fun, Among Us, Multi, Music

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