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Hi all, Our Dev Team are working hard to bring Version 4 out! ❤

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You looking Kinda sus ngl

Harley200317's Bots



87 Servers
27 Votes
1 Invites

Countdown to Easter the fun way with EasterBot in your discord server


El Mod

El Mod

43 Servers
31 Votes
0 Invites

El Mod is a next generation Discord Bot is many features from moderating, logging, to meme and radio commands.

Moderation, Utility, Reddit, Logging, Co...

Redeemer Memer


N/A Servers
4 Votes
0 Invites

A meme bot with a purpose in every server it joins


Halloween Bot

Halloween Bot

50 Servers
13 Votes
0 Invites

Want a bot to count you down to the days till Halloween then why not invite Halloween Bot to your server. What Halloween Bot can do?

Fun, Social



14 Servers
8 Votes
0 Invites

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but what if you could bring the festive spirit into your discord servers with a bot, then why not try

Fun, Social

Harley200317's Packages

Made By Harley200317...#8131

Seasons Bots

All of these bots are based upon a set time of the year like Easter, Halloween and Christmas

Fun, Social

Includes 3 Bots

1 Votes